Anxiety Gaining Weight during the Holidays

We All have Anxiety about Gaining during the HolidaysWatching Your Weight During the Holidays

So it’s the day after our 1st binge fest of the season.  The guilt has already begun to set in. Did I really have to try all of the deserts on the Thanksgiving Table?  I know you are all thinking as I am. What now and how do we get through the rest of the season full of Food, Deserts and Drinks? We want to squeeze into those skinny jeans and those cute Holiday dresses going forward.

Here are some tips to help you avoid the pitfalls and a calorie overdose.  Firstly, don’t look back. Thanksgiving is done and we splurged all we could but lets not do that again until next year.  Secondly, don’t miss any opportunity to get a workout in. Stay on your routine.  If you fall off your routine, not only will you be not feeling so good about yourself but eating all the extras will feel even worse.

The key is to eat light during the week and the day of an event. Keep your protein and healthy fats intake balanced to keep your metabolism moving. Stay away from Sugar! That is the killer. And its addicting as any drug. If drinking, stay away from the sugary mixed drinks and stick to wine or vodka for the lowest calories.

If you want to zap those extra calories, I highly recommend doing HIIT High Intensity Cardio Training at least 2-3 times per week to stay in shape. It is the best form of calorie zapping exercise.  No need to stay on the treadmill for hours. HIIT will burn more in a short duration than any other form of cardio.  Also, to get your metabolism back on track, try intermittent fasting. It can be done during the day or at night where its easiest to not stray off into snacking. Dr. Mercola recommends fasting for 13-18 hours to let your digestion take a break from food. That means you skip either dinner or breakfast. This one is my personal preference on how to stay on the right path. The goal is to be well and feel good.