HAPPY Mother Daughter Reunion after 29 years. TEARS of JOY!

mother-daughter VIDEO HERE

So 2016 has been a heartbreaking year for our family in so many ways. In the last couple of months I’ve lost my dogs and prayed to God to please stop, our family can’t endure any more hurt.

In mid Oct I received a letter stating that the daughter that I gave up for adoption in March of 1987 wanted to meet me. That most awful day in my life that I had to hand over this beautiful baby girl that I thought that I would never see again is going to be back in my arms in just a few minutes.

HAPPY Mother Daughter Reunion

God has blessed me after many prayers for good in our life. ******* gets a new sister. My parents, a new granddaughter and my siblings a new niece.

I am overjoyed and patiently waiting for her to pull up in my driveway. Thank you Lord, friends and family for sharing this with us. I’m truly blessed!!!!!

This is *****. Personal trainer & 3 time world title body builder.

Turns out Mom is also a Fitness Trainer and owns a Fitness business.