What's your favorite Thanksgiving Dessert?

Thanksgiving Tablescape 2016

Thanksgiving is the Holiday that Kicks off the Christmas and Holiday Season for all of America. It brings family and friends together without the pressure of a gift exchange and allows us the opportunity to stop, be grateful and count our Blessings!

It is very easy to forget how lucky we are for just living in this free country. Being a daughter of immigrants, I cannot put into words how lucky I feel to be born in America and able to realize my dreams for myself and my family.  No matter where we come from, we embrace this great land and the American Culture. Thanksgiving is an all-inclusive Holiday.

How do You decorate your Thanksgiving table?

My family loves to take a formal approach to dining on the Holidays.  The table is set in the formal dining room. We put out our best formal china and crystal glasses. No paper plates for us. No matter how many guests we have china is a must! We decorate with candles and flowers on a tablecloth and napkins for everyone. My family is full of wonderful cooks and bakers, so we enjoy a delicious feast that everyone comes together to create.

Please take our poll and tell us what your favorites are at your Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving Tablescape


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